Revolutionizing Blind XSS Detection

Blindf stands at the forefront of cybersecurity, offering an innovative solution to detect Blind XSS vulnerabilities - one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of modern security testing. Developed by a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts, Blindf utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide unmatched accuracy in identifying Blind XSS vulnerabilities.

Our framework is specifically tailored for bug hunters and penetration testers, enabling them to uncover even the most hidden vulnerabilities. With Blindf, you have the power to enhance your security measures, protect digital assets, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Blindf is more than just a tool; it's a commitment to advanced security. Whether you're dealing with stringent compliance requirements or looking for an edge in competitive bug bounty programs, Blindf is your trusted partner in cybersecurity excellence.

Optimize Your Blind XSS Detection with Blindf

At Blindf, we provide an innovative solution for tracking and optimizing Blind XSS (BXSS) payloads. Our framework is designed for agile and effective vulnerability detection in web applications.

Intelligent Payload Management with Blind HTML Injection

Blindf empowers users to enhance their Blind XSS detection strategies. By cleverly utilizing Blind HTML injection alongside our framework, you can track the effectiveness of your BXSS payloads in real-time. This strategic approach allows for immediate identification and adjustment of payloads, ensuring no opportunity for detection is missed.

Our platform is not just about identifying vulnerabilities; it's about providing you with the flexibility to adapt your tactics. If a payload doesn't yield the desired results, Blindf's insights enable you to swiftly pivot to alternative payloads, increasing your efficiency and success rate in uncovering security weaknesses.

Capabilities of Blindf

  • Advanced Detection of Stored/Blind XSS
  • Identification of Blind HTML Injection
  • Uncovering of Blind SSRF
  • Detection of Blind XXE Injection

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The most found, reported and acknowledged flaw in the web.