Leading-edge Blind XSS Detection

Welcome to Blindf, the home of cutting-edge Blind XSS payloads. Our framework is expertly crafted for Bug Hunters and Penetration Testers, specializing in identifying and analyzing Stored/Blind Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities—a critical aspect of modern cybersecurity.

Blindf's core focus on Stored/Blind XSS vulnerabilities ensures thorough and precise detection. However, its capabilities extend beyond this, making it an invaluable tool for uncovering other security threats such as Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF), Blind HTML Injection, and Blind XML External Entity (XXE) vulnerabilities.

At the heart of Blindf's innovation is its unparalleled proficiency in detecting Blind XSS vulnerabilities, widely recognized as one of the most financially rewarding bugs in the cybersecurity field. Our framework is meticulously engineered to unearth these elusive vulnerabilities, offering a significant advantage for Bug Hunters and Penetration Testers seeking lucrative opportunities in the bug bounty landscape. Blindf not only excels in identifying Blind XSS but also serves as a powerful tool in your arsenal for a broader range of web security challenges.

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The most found, reported and acknowledged flaw in the web.